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This unique frequency healing 1-day workshop has been created for beginners to learn how to balance, heal and grow with the help of tuning forks in everyday life. 


Frequencies are powerful channels to conscious way of living, being, thinking and feeling. This workshop helps you to step out of victimhood, blaming and suffering and taking a leap of faith into self-healing with the help of specific frequency healing tools. 


The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to teach people how to gain their power back over their own body, mind, emotions and spiritual growth. Learning self-healing on an individual level, elevating and growing is ultimately healing the collective and raising vibration on Earth.

What you will learn:

  • What is frequency healing? 

  • Why is this such a profound and quick healing modality?

  • Tuning forks: which when how?

  • Clearing your field from entities, negative energies, curses

  • Balancing the energetic body

  • Clearing and opening your chakras

  • Releasing stress

  • Releasing emotional blockages

  • Healing traumas from the past

  • Activating your physical body, organs, nervous system, hormonal system

  • How to work on body, lymphatic system, muscles, bones

  • How to help your child, grandchild

  • Strengthening immune system, recovering quicker from accidents, flu, surgery

  • Extras:

    • Space clearing and charging

    • Healing your pet

    • Healing your plant

It is a small group workshop with 5-6people, offering hands-on practical knowledge for anyone at any level from beginner to qualified healers in other modalities. 


Tuning forks are available for use and purchase at the event (discounted prices for participants of workshop).


This workshop contains a broad spectrum of frequency & energy healing knowledge based on healing experiences from my Sound Therapy practise with clients, Akashic records channellings, dowsing and energy healing work.

It’s a non-accredited workshop for personal use, yet you may utilise this knowledge in your own business as an added value (massage therapists, psychologists, coaches, teachers, animal rescuers, etc.).


Length of workshop: 7hours (9am-4pm)

Location: Mountain Creek, QLD

Exchange: $545

Booking with $200 deposit

Full payment 2 weeks prior

Cancellation policy: refund up to 2weeks


I welcome you with healthy snacks and home-made lemonade in a high vibrational, serene space.


I look forward to sharing the magical World of Tuning Forks with You.

High vibe,




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Available Dates

Saturday, 20th April

Saturday, 27th April

Other dates available upon request. Send your e-mail enquiry to


Book me in for the workshop!

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    Lightness of 
               Being  by Eva

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