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Upcoming Sound Healing Events


17th of May, Friday 7pm

Location: Zen Space

225 Mount Glorious Rd, Samford Valley QLD 4520


19th of May, SUNDAY 6pm

Location: Fusion Alcooringa Centre

176 Ballinger Road, Buderim, QLD 4556

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I invite You for an uplifting, recharging Sound Healing Meditation

You will immerse in the healing frequencies of Gongs, Crystal Singing bowls, Drum and Chimes.

Sound healing is an ancient system that goes back to as far as human history. Therapeutic sound can balance and harmonise us, it strengthens and cleanses our physical and energetic body.

This is a deep, transformative, unique Sound Healing experience! I meditate for the group's needs before the event and specifically use healing triads based on scientific research, I also play intuitively while I'm channeling healing energies and downloads. You will immerse in the healing frequencies of Gongs, Crystal Singing bowls and various other instruments.


The Gong is one of the oldest ancient instruments dating back as early as 4,000 BC. The power of the Gong instantly relaxes every cell in the body to help release emotional and mental blockages and just in 20mins of listening to Gong meditation the structure of blood changes, red blood cells separate from each other absorbing more oxygen, becoming more fluid and supplies the organs with better quality of blood.


Crystal bowls are providing gentle sounds, delivering calming frequencies to the body, helping to re-balance and re-tune it to its healthy state, into a higher vibration.

Some of the health benefits of having a Sound Bath:

  • enhance physical wellbeing

  • muscles relax

  • blood pressure reduces

  • heart rate reduces

  • reduce stress & anxiety

  • improve sleep and relaxation

  • boost energy and vitality

  • clear the mind, help in optimism and positive mood

  • release emotional, physical and mental blockages

  • improve body’s potential for healing and recovery

  • raise your vibrational frequency for greater calm and inner peace

BYO comfy mat, cushion, blanket, eye cover for meditation and water.

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Lightness of being by Eva 

Lightness of 
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