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Professional Sound Therapy

Eva Klenovics

Certified Sound Therapist

Sound Healer

Breathwork & Dowsing Practitioner


My passion became my profession...

The birth of my two daughters kindled me towards holistic health and well-being.

I became a health investigator constantly searching for new ways to improve ourselves 

physically, mentally and spiritually and synchronic paths have led me to working with frequencies and bioenergy.


I'm a Certified Sound Therapist in Biofield Tuning, Sound Healer and Dowsing & Breathwork Practitioner;

I offer individual healing sessions and hold sound healing events for groups at various locations. 

I also use my knowledge of energy and crystal healing in my practise to further enhance my clients' ability of self-healing to reach a harmonious, relaxed,

lightness of being.


Individual sessions are available in person in Sunshine Coast, QLD - Mountain Creek 

and in distance all around the World via video call


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Lightness of being by Eva 

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