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Sound Therapy to avoid emergency

I have seen some amazing healings throughout my work but this day is really special to me. A client/friend of mine managed to avoid emergency C-section by the help of Sound Therapy.

(Photo: ultrasound of the baby boy few weeks ago)
Sound Therapy for medical emergency (Photo: ultrasound of baby)

The baby had transversal presentation which made doctors concerned of having a complication in the upcoming planned C-section due to position of baby and lack of oxygen through cord.

I remotely held Sound Therapy session for the mum 2days ago to help her ease the physical challenges that she has to handle in these last days of pregnancy. 

She had a strong throat chakra blockage which I released with tuning forks by going deep into the feelings of fear and uncertainty. I also felt the need to lift the umbilical cord from the neck that came up as a visual intuitively - obviously from baby’s side.

Then I dowsed the position of the head and bottom of the baby and showed him the way with two tuning forks where to turn to find the right place. Energetically all went well and we just waited for the final check-up at the hospital.

Today’s examinations showed that the baby is in the right position now and the umbilical cord is safe so there was no need for an emergency surgery.

This is an unforgettable day for me in my healing work.

I feel humble gratefulness to be able to help and to be part of this miracle.

I’m also thankful for the trust and faith this family put in to my work and accepted Sound Therapy as a solution. Can hardly wait to see this little Angel in live soon. 💫🎼🌺



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