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Energy update: Rage - Masculine Polarity ❤️‍🔥

Healing rage, frustration and anger with Sound Therapy
Why is there rage in Masculine polarity recently?

There is a dynamic taking place recently which you might also feel within but couldn’t grasp where it’s coming from. This year is an emotional activator, the year of Wood Dragon, year of Courage. Wood needs water to grow, and wood fuels fire - meaning we need emotions to activate the fire in our heart field and we are also urged to shift from mind to heart. 

One of the most triggered aspects of this transformation is coming from the ego - especially in Masculine energies/polarities as they tend to lead their life more from their head than their emotional field. This collective healing energy now might trigger limiting beliefs, past traumas and emotional blockages which need to be processed and healed. It's not gender specific, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us.

I have seen my clients coming with various sensations of this healing pattern recently:

🔥 Overall anger, sadness, rage

🔥 Dreams about collective pain, war

🔥 Relationship clashes, control

🔥 Pain from old emotional wounds

🔥 Physical pain on right side: shoulder, neck, head, knee, hip

🔥 Frustration from change & emotional growth

🔥 Rejecting others or abandoning themselves emotionally

What to do:

🪷 Instead of blaming others, go within

🪷 Find the root cause of your feelings

🪷 Where do you resist emotional opening?

🪷 Let go of self-sabotage

🪷 Spend time in nature, connect to your heart field and strengthen self-love

🪷 Work consciously on giving & receiving love 

Rage is a low vibrational form of fire energy, with your consciousness you can transform it into a healing vibration  - burning out blockages within you.

Remind yourself, rage can only come from ego; your Soul, your Heart is vibrating in Universal Love Energy, tap into this frequency and charge yourself with it.

If you feel stuck in this process of your healing journey, feel free to reach out for a deep individual healing session.

Much fiery love, ❤️‍🔥


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