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Energy update & Heart Explosion

I’ve been getting calls from clients for the last 2weeks asking what I see and feel as they have strong physical symptoms:

  • Anxiety, restlessness

  • Lack of sleep yet lots of energy

  • Heart palpitations

  • Head sensations - crown chakra activations

  • Ungroundedness, out of body sensations

  • My client’s healing sessions are showing vagus nerve pressure, throat, heart and root chakra blockages.

There is a collective healing taking place which is helping us to balance our inner feminine and masculine energies. The very core of it is the heart field, heart is singular, it is ONENESS, UNITY whereas mind is dual - left/right, good/bad, yes/no - mind constantly pushes us into doubt; heart vibration is opening us for expansion, unconditional love, life’s true purpose, intuition and soul guidance.

(Just as I’m writing this my heart is beating strongly with this beautiful vibration.)

Masculine polarity (not gender specific) which feels this activation even more, as they have a tendency of pushing emotions/emotional needs away. This influx of energy is leading to emotional opening, putting down masks and belief systems, opens them up for taking actions towards their heart’s desire.

You might feel it as an excitement, like a butterfly in the stomach - something is going to happen; you might feel activated physically as this is a powerhouse of energy influx what we are collectively grounding now into Earth.

If you feel any resistance, blockages or negative effects in your body check where do you block emotions, which area in of your life is not in the flow, where do you need to step out of your cocoon/shell/belief system which keeps you in a lower vibration than unconditional love frequency.

This energy comes in through the Crown Chakra and in order to let it to flow through our body we need:

  • a strong nervous system & vagus nerve

  • open throat chakra (expression of emotions)

  • Open Heart field (allow yourself to be led by emotions and intuition)

  • Strong Root Chakra (being grounded, secure, safe physically, mentally, emotionally)

If you don’t feel anything at all, don’t worry :) no need to push, you might have been going through this a few weeks ago or you might join to these activations later when it’s the right time for you; we are in different timelines.

This Cosmic Heart Activation can be perceived strongly in Twin Flame journeys, these type of connections bring in enormous amount of healing light&love into the collective. If you are not with your Twin Flame, you still can feel this flow of high vibrational love energy as we are all connected in the quantum field.

A confirmation that we are in this cosmic heart beat is when even Earth reacts strongly too: Twin Volcano eruption 2days ago in Indonesia shows what our heart feels in smaller scale:

Let me know if you need help on your journey; releasing blockages, liberating nervous system from stress and trauma help to raise your vibration and to connect to this beautiful activations without serious bodily symptoms.

Cosmic love & light,


#heart #expansion #healing #frequencyhealing #tuningfork


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Eva... thank you... 🙏


M Marron
M Marron
Jan 19

Great reminder, thx Eva


Lightness of 
           Being  by Eva

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