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Soul Guidance with Sound Therapy

The miracle of healing the High chakras for deep Soul healing, karma clearing and Soul Trauma release.

Healing the Soul with Sound Therapy

I have been recently intuitively guided to explore the energy field above Crown chakras in my Sound Therapy healing sessions. I use tuning forks as tools to channeling and opening these high vibrational layers of healing which have a profound effect on my clients’ soul expansion.

Did you know we have 22main chakras - out of that, 15 chakras are above the physical body!

Very exciting :)

When is it beneficial to work on these high chakras?

⁃ finding purpose, activating soul based goals

⁃ getting out of stuck energies of karmic patterns in life

⁃ opening new ways of family dynamics

⁃ liberating yourself from 3D limiting beliefs

⁃ already consciously riding the waves of your spiritual journey but need more clarity and boost

⁃ enhancing your manifestation power

⁃ getting out of the limitations of our ego mind and expand beyond

- Starseed healing  

-Twin Flame healing.

I look forward to open the curtains up for your soul’s guidance in an individual Sound Therapy session in person in Mountain Creek, QLD or in distance via video call.

High vibe,



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