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Healing Asthmatic symptoms with Sound Therapy

One of the biggest challenges in life is to see children suffer, and one of the happiest parts of my work is to help kids recover from pain, getting off medications and playing again joyfully without fear.

Holistic Healing for Children with Tuning Forks

One of my client’s son, 9 years old, gradually developed asthmatic symptoms from August, 2022. They reached out in January, 2023 when his life became unbearable with constant coughing, challenges with breathing, lots of steroids, lack of sleep at night and not being able to play outside with friends without choking. He was in constant fear from suffocating.

The family lived 2000kms from my practise, so we held distance Sound Therapy sessions on video call, with either one of the parents or both. The little boy was calmly playing in the room, so I could keep an eye on his reactions throughout the sessions.

The therapy started with stress release, adrenal gland and vagus nerve balance and recharge. After that we could go deeper into the emotional layers, where we released the stress caused by the family’s upcoming plans of relicating overseas - which created lots of uncertainty, insecurity and fear deep within him.

Kids are like sponges, they absorb stress around them but it’s hard for them to transmute and release these emotions. They also tend to hold their emotions back, especially the sensitive introvert types, who need time to open up and express their feelings.

We also released emotional blockages from gestation to the present moment, which brought up family patterns in both the father’s and the mother’s side. In order to permanently heal these layers we had to work on the parent’s blockages too.

All in all, he had 7 sessions in 4-weeks; coughing got better immediately after the first treatment, sleeping got better after the 3. session. He gradually needed less and less breathing aid medications, and by the end of the therapy he could totally skip medication. He was able to go back to playing soccer and running outside with friends without any symptoms or any traits of fear of asthma.

What’s my favourite experience with children? I love to see them opening up throughout the session: they sometimes tell things that they haven’t even told to their parents. And I adore their curious, sparkling eyes when they see my tuning forks and hear the sounds. They are all little healers within, and by seeing these new modalities and a conscious way of healing, their World is expanding.

So how does Sound Therapy work? The human body is a sign board - it’s helping us to see the emotional challenges of the person. By releasing and healing these root causes by the help of frequencies, the body regains its balance and gets back in healthy state. All cases are unique, as all our lives and family patterns are different, therefore all sessions are unique based on the clients’ needs.

I offer shorter sessions for children in a discounted price.

For more information, please visit my website:

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