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From Duality into Aurora DNA

I am always amazed by the collective connectedness in my healing practise.

One of my client has received guidance from The Akashic Records in her Sound Therapy session, which became a collective teaching. I would like to share this beautiful experience with you all to give more insight of the recent energies, so you might understand your shifts and changes in your current life circumstances even more.

Eishitha Galpaya captured this vibrant Aurora australis display at Gunnamatta Beach in Victoria, Australia

on May 11, 2024. ©  Eishitha Galpaya, Instagram: @don.galpaya

We are not just individually flowing (sometimes crawling) forward in our lives day-by-day but we are shifting, moving in our ascension journeys together based on universal influences and support.

These effects may come from planetary alignments, solar flares and Schumann resonance - the Earth frequency.

How we personally go through these might be different based on what lessons we brought into this lifetime but the layers which we are bringing up blockages from for healing are showing collective patterns.

One of my client's intention for her Sound Therapy session was to have more energy, to release chronic fatigue and to start a new, passionate, successful life.

We have cleared very heavy generational templates, parental woundings that blocked her creative, fiery energies and also cleared effects of control, dominance and manipulation throughout her life. Sacral and High Heart areas are very strong themes of healing in the last few days… but there is an even higher healing force that I have realised in her healing.

I felt an information bubble showing up around her Crown Chakra, that was essential in her healing, which was coming from the Akashic Records. These records are not only available for us to see and heal past life traumas that affected the soul’s path but we are also able to receive guidance, teachings and collective healings from this high vibrational plane for present and future growth and healing outcomes.

Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for "aether", "sky", or "atmosphere". Which is perfectly showing us how this information layer is covering us all in the Universe.

I’m grateful to innately see these Records, they are showing up as I was watching a movie, I can raise questions and receive answers and healings for the sake of my client's healing outcome.

As I was opening the Akashic Records in my client's session, I was shown the Universe from above, with its low vibrational duality form of black and white energies swirling and keeping us stuck. A force has appeared from above, like a Universal Guide, with a dilemma of change is needed - We need to step out of duality…. But we can’t just take away the “dark/black” side of the Universe, as there needs to be balance. So the Universal Solution was to bring “COLOUR” in the mix, raise the vibration and lift this duality out of stuckness. The colours they have shown were the very same as the Aurora which we have all seen around the Earth last weekend. I also got an image that showed me that it is not only an upgrade in the vibration of the Universe in general, but also individually - I was shown a swirling DNA strand becoming the colours of Aurora. We are all receiving an upgrade on a cellular, molecular level to be able to step out of the low vibrational duality that humanity has been stuck in.

It is also interesting to observe that these Solar Activations had peeked around Mother’s Day, helping us to heal deeper layers of Sacral Chakra blockages and reflect upon:

  • Mother wounds

  • Emotional heaviness from gestational period

  • Childhood challenges

  • Healing fear of vulnerability

  • Strengthening our inner feminine/emotional side

  • Creating balance in our polarities (left/right side; feminine/masculine; strength/balance)

  • Physical healing of lower back, hips, legs

These energy activations might come with deep core layer pain, healing from as deep as from the bone structure and from a cellular level, while we are clearing inherited heaviness from generations back.

As Solar Activities are continuously affecting us, it is important to know the temporary physical discomfort these might cause:

  • Headaches

  • Nausea

  • Body pain, muscle soreness (especially around hips, pelvic area, legs)

  • Ear ringing

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Neck and shoulder tension

  • Heightened anxiety

  • Itchiness

  • Changes in sleep and eating patterns

Solar Flare activations are magnetic and biophoton effects on our bodies - coming towards us like the sound or vibrations of a tuning fork, we receive a tune up vibrationally, therefore we need to support our physical system like it was a detoxing effect after a healing session - meanwhile we are absorbing these higher vibrations and releasing low vibrational blockages from within.

How can you assist these activations:

  • Hydrate your body

  • Take Epsom salt bath and/or magnesium supplement

  • Rest more

  • Be out in nature, ground yourself on beach, in forest

  • And use tuning forks to clear your field, chakras, and help with grounding.

(I’m not a medical professional, please seek for advice for more severe symptoms)

As a Frequency Therapist I support individual and collective healings and releasing of emotional and energetic blockages with the help of tuning forks - it is the frequency that is opening these pockets of heavy blockages, releases them and the body, mind, heart and soul get their strength back.

Reach out for a personal Therapy session!

Enjoy your Aurora DNA :)

High vibe,



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