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Balancing inner feminine and masculine energies with Sound Therapy

Have you ever thought about how different life would be if there was feminine dominance?

No, I’m not a feminist! I just see in my clients’ therapies how much they are struggling; man are suppressing their emotions, becoming workaholic and live lonely and women are withdrawing themselves and serving or becoming dominant to feel being in control.

How can Sound Therapy help in this imbalance?

Balancing inner divine feminine and masculine with Sound Therapy

First of all there is a collective imbalance but we all have traits of these blockages within us, within our ancestor line, taught patterns from society as well as fear of being rejected/abandoned and co-dependency are all influencing us. Frequency therapy is able to release these misalignments and balance out our own inner feminine and masculine energies to feel secure, compassionate, open and ready to give and receive love, care and emotional support.

Where are you stuck in your emotions? At what age do you remember starting to hold back? When did you start to run from or chase love? Do you feel any mother or father wound from your childhood?

Or never thought about it but you resonate with it? Let me know if you have any questions about this healing modality and let’s release these blockages to live a balanced, high vibrational, blissful life.

High vibe,


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