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Professional Sound Therapy

individual treatment for trauma release with tuning forks

Sound Therapy - Biofield Tuning - is a type of counselling where we release emotional blockages, traumas

from gestation to the present moment by the help of tuning forks 

to harmonise and energise body, mind, heart and soul.

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks

We tune back out-of-tuned bodies with the use of tuning forks.


Biofield Tuning is a healing modality with vibrational Sound Therapy. 

Everything is frequency and we feel and react to these low or high vibrational frequencies throughout our lives.


Biofield is the field of energy and information that surrounds the human body. 

It is composed of electromagnetic frequencies and subtle energies

It extends about 150-180cm from the sides of the body and 60-90cm above head and below the feet.


The field is like our personal 'cloud' where all our memories, beliefs, accidents, injuries, experiences, 

everything that's ever happened to us is stored in standing waves. 

Traumatic or stressful experiences may generate incoherent or chaotic waveforms.


When we experience significant stress, trauma, pain, etc, the body expresses these stressors vibrationally, 

creating chaotic waveforms that tangle up or trap in the field - causing dissonant frequency patterns.


With Biofield Tuning we use a tuning fork to locate places of distortion or dissonance in the field and then 

with the process of resonance the coherent frequency input from the tuning fork resolves the chaos and detangles it.

First, the tuning fork resonates with the frequency pattern that is present and broadcasts that information.

It then begins to entrain that perturbation into a more coherent expression. 

Release process occurs and the tuning fork acts like a magnet to drag that energy through the field

so it can be restored to the body, out of freeze and back to circulation. 

People refer to this feeling as they are being lighter and gaining their energy back.


Emotional experiences are stored in specific parts of the field. 

The field also contains the record of a person's life experiences stored in chronological order 

- from gestation, birth and earlier childhood to recent or current experiences.

Interestingly ancestors' blockages can be inherited through generations, which we are able to release too.

We work with emotions that are not being expressed in a healthy way and are stuck in the field and body.


In Biofield Tuning we start moving the unexpressed, unprocessed emotions out of the field, 

to put the stuck energy associated with those emotions back into circulations. 

The body then needs to process and digest that. 

This can create what we call detox response, but these symptoms pass within 1-3days.


Please, inform about contraindications before booking.


areas of using Biofield Tuning

for physical symptoms:

  • muscle, joint, nerve relief

  • lymph drainage with meridian flush

  • spine treatment

  • organs, bone treatment

  • scar healing

  • skin disorders, eczema, rashes

  • help in busy body symptoms

  • hormonal imbalances

  • quicker recovery from illnesses, accidents or surgery

emotional, mental relief:

  • anxiety, depression, stress relief

  • help in symptoms of ADHD

  • releasing of PTSD

  • emotional traumas, accidents

  • stuck in relationship or life challenges

  • relationship healing 

  • stepping out of the hamster wheel

  • lifting inner critic - raising self-esteem

  • help in busy mind effect

  • finding paths in career challenges

distance sessions for clients all around the World in English and Hungarian:

  • there is no distance for frequencies and energies - feel free to share your challenges and I offer you a flexible timeframe for your timezone and a dedicated personal healing plan

Past life healing & Soul guidance


Clients' challenges might need deeper and more complex aspects of healing, this is when I intuitively feel that soul healing is needed. We are able to enter the energy field of the soul as well as open the Akashic Records to do past life trauma healing if needed.


This is an intense soul healing approach, a pure soul guidance. Profoundly transformational.


I also do healing in the higher chakra system, which is a high vibrational energy field that includes all 22 chakras.

 Book in for a session to experience yourself and your higher self.


Eva is a professional sound healer, a spiritual healer. I highly recommend her services. Her techniques are so unique, and I consider her one of the best healers I have ever come across.

Szabolcs (41yrs) - QLD, Australia

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