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Sound Therapy for pets

Our pet friends need healing too - especially because they absorb the owners’ emotional blockages and transmute them through themselves.

Sound Therapy for pets

My dog has always been sensitive, had digestive problems and allergies for food. He frequently had skin rashes which prompted us to visit vet regularly, though we’ve never got solution but paid hundreds on the medications and visits. I started treating him

with Sound Therapy (tuning forks), which he enjoys a lot too, and after only two sessions he healed completely and doesn’t have any skin rashes any more for 3yrs now.

Another dog I’ve been treating was starting to be paralysed by a virus but fortunately the illness could be reversed by distance Sound Therapy. We did add session for the owner too as stuckness in her life was one of her crucial challenges and it was connected to the dog’s illness.

Owner’s testimonial:

“My dog was diagnosed with a disease called polyradiculoneuritis on February 5, 2022. The point is that in about a week, the dog will be completely paralyzed, usually up to his neck. Then the full recovery takes 2-6 months. The disease only attacks the musculoskeletal nervous system, as a result of which the animal is unable to move, that means, she must be fed, watered, and brought in vin.

On February 10, my dog received his first Sound Therapy treatment from Eva. During the treatment, she layed completely at rest, turned on her back, and fell asleep.

The following week, which was the second week since the onset of the first symptoms, my dog’s movement was so restricted that she was crawling, but she was able to change places. Complete paralysis did not occur during the duration of the disease due to treatment! According to the vet, dogs always experience complete paralysis, so this prompt healing was not expected at all.

Two months after the onset of the first symptoms, my dog is fully recovered, which is very rare with this disease.

I’m so grateful for the Sound Therapy with Eva, she helped my dog a lot, and was interesting to see and heal the connection of her paralysis virus to my personal life challenges too. Thanks, Eva.” - Ildiko, Hungary, 2022

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