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Raise your vibration with Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing in group session raise vibration. Why is it beneficial to have higher vibration? The higher your vibe is the better your mood, as everything is frequency, what’s inside determines your experience in your own reality.

Our frequency can be measured on a scale called level of consciousness. (by D.R.Hawkins) (0-1000)

Vibration can be measured on the scale of level of consciousness. (by D.R.Hawkins) (0-1000)

Being also a Dowsing Practitioner, I have recently done some valuation of my Sound Therapy healing work in order to show my clients their development in a more tangible way.

Interestingly, one of my client has jumped 80points on the scale of consciousness after 5 private 1on1 sessions and my last two Sound Baths were 710 and 785LOC - pure consciousness, enlightenment. ✨ (edited: latest LOC level was 930 in 2023)

85% of global population is below 200LOC! And just one individual with 600LOC counterbalances 10million people who are below 200!!!

The higher our vibration the happier and healthier we are, not mentioning our relationships.

The average relationship is around 135LOC between anger and desire - imagine the beauty of love when two people are living together in the state of unconditional love or pure consciousness and bliss.

So even if you say, “I’m good, I’m healthy” there is way forward and upward in order to raise vibration in the collective and help others around you with your own high frequency.

Keep in mind, manifestation is also stronger the higher your level of consciousness!

Sound Therapy in person and Sound Healing in groups is able to help you release low vibrational emotional patterns and blockages from your field and body so you are able to heal and live a blissful, abundant life.

I offer free Level of Consciousness evaluation before and after the 5 treatments for my clients who are having 5-session package. 

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