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Home Birth with Sound Therapy

I had the most amazing healing experience ever… I’ve been giving Sound Therapy session for 3hours to my long time client, Magdi and her baby meanwhile she was in labour. I used tuning forks and singing bowls in a distance vibrational healing via audio call. (See her review below)

Home Birth with Tuning Fork Healing

It was a peaceful Saturday morning… I felt a very strong Sacral Chakra energy as I woke up so I started my day with a meditation to transmute and absorb the activation - little did I know why it happened. Few hours later my client Magdi reached out and told me she is in labour and need my help.

- we agreed she can call me anytime she needs me, but she didn’t want to disturb Leo n a weekend. She was in labour for 9hours when she finally called me to ask for help. I then realised it was her labour that I felt earlier in the morning…

The Therapy was devided between mum and baby as needed. We were concentrating on releasing fear and helping mum’s body to open up and be in the natural flow of labour. I also prepared her for the upcoming contractions as I felt the flow of energy few seconds earlier. She felt so good and painfree that she switched off the frequency device she had on her earlier. I also recorded length of contractions so we could have a proper view on the progress of birth and when to call the doula.

recording length of contractions

When there was pain or stuckness on various parts of the body we worked on the body parts, eg. tighs, pelvis, hips, sacrum and combined with emotional healing connected to the chakra system - root, sacral, throat. I also had to release fear of stuckness from the baby at certain parts of labour. Whenever we shifted a pressure or blockage the contractions became stronger and more frequent so mum&baby could get closer to birth.

The baby was born at 10:10pm, healthy, safe and peaceful and I’m very grateful to be part of her arrival. Thank you again Magdi for your trust, bravery and raw power.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is a deep healing modality for emotional blockage release, trauma healing, stress and pain release and energy boost. Book in to experience lightness, growth, health and vitality or explore new heights and opportunites in any area of your life where you feel stuck.

Client review:

“Eva transformed my birth experience with Sound Therapy throughout my labour. I have witnessed the two most extreme opposites of labour and delivery. My first birth was very traumatic- scary, painful, out of control…I ended up having a C section…my second birth was smooth, calm, peaceful, and painless. I attended a hypnobirthing class to learn natural breathing rhythms and we combined with Eva’s healing technique during labour and birth. She was also helping me during my pregnancy to heal me by using the signs that appeared during the 9months (thyroid, high blood pressure and other “small” symptoms). The difference between the two is unbelievable! My little bub was welcomed in our home had a beautiful water-birth and Eva was assisting remotely even though it was a Saturday. This day will be always special for me and for our family. Eva will be in my heart and I never will forget her help. Every woman should have the same birth experience as I had, having a calm, pain-free childbirth and help the little ones to have less trauma in their life.”

No limits in frequency healing! Experience yourself in any areas of your life - emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Reach out to discuss your needs and to start your healing journey.

High vibe,


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