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Heart Consciousness with Sound Therapy - Biofield Tuning

My clients know how much I emphasise the healing of the heart. I see it as a breakthrough in one’s healing curve, as the frequency of love strengthens us within and around us.

Heart Expansion with Sound Therapy

I’ve been talking a lot about consciousness and how important it is that one takes steps in their overall emotional and mental healing, raising their vibration therefore consciously living their life and seeing life as a learning journey. But, what I have recognised is

that some of my clients, even though their level of consciousness is high, their hearts’ vibration were stuck on a low level which still caused them conflicts, loneliness, lack of abundance; although they see and understand their patterns but still cannot get out of the loop.

I felt the need to measure the state of heart frequency to analyse situations for my clients as well as to show the progress of healing visually. I created a chart to show the vibration of the heart - based on David R. Hawkins’ map of consciousness - but this particular map is showing the charge/maturity/strength/state of the heart as an energy or frequency.

It gave lots of answers to my questions in some cases of my clients’ challenges, where their conscious mind was not in coherence with their heart and these measurements backed up my intuitive findings but makes it easier for my clients to see it too.

What can cause low heart vibration? Childhood traumas, toxic parents/family members, traumatic relationships, grief, loss, etc.

With the help of the tuning forks we are able to help the body to release these low vibrations within and around the physical body, which helps to raise the heart’s charge to

- manifest more abundance in emotionally and materially

- ignite intuition

- balance mind and heart

- strengthen emotional balance

- conquer limitations of ego.

Did you know that the electromagnetic energy field of the heart is 5000 times greater than the brain’s, the heart has a significant influence on the body down to cellular level. Meaning, whatever we emit from heart (even if it’s lower vibrational energy) we attract into our lives!

One of the biggest challenges for my clients in the healing process is that it takes time to go deep, and it takes resilience and dedication; as well as courage to face with themselves. We can’t access heart directly - we need to peel off layers of stress; insecurities and activate self-love and self-worth to step into the heart field’s magical areas.

Are you willing to put effort into your self-healing? Are you ready?

Feel free to reach out if you need assistance and guidance; intuitive healing with tuning forks helps to release blockages so you gain your energy back in a much higher vibrational state than you’ve ever been before.

High vibe,


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