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Healing with Vibrations of Plants

Do you resonate strongly with nature? My client, a real Plant Fairy in physical body, had Sound Healing with Music of the Plants.

She asked for a distance Sound Therapy healing session through video call to help her in a big change in her life. First I’ve done deep stress release with Adrenal gland reset and Vagus Nerve activation with tuning forks.

Working at a plant nursery she has deep connection to nature, which came up strongly in her session too, so I added the healing energy of Music of the Plants.

Listening to the sounds of a plant is intensely activating the higher chakras and the heart field. Client felt strong vibrational activations throughout the session and serenity, peace and a sense of inner connectedness by the end.

How serendipitous I dressed up for her session with my shirt full of leaves and flowers :)

Music of the Plants in Sound Therapy Session

Let me know if you are resonating with this type of healing, I’m happy to add Music of the Plants vibrations to your next session as an added healing vibration of nature.

High vibe,



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