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Healing effects of Sound Therapy - Throat Chakra

How can Sound Therapy help you?

In this series I show you the whole body step-by-step connected to organs, body parts and energy centres - to give more insight of what emotional trauma can cause in various parts of the body and the diseases that can appear with them if not balanced and if blockages are not released.

7. Throat chakra

Throat Chakra healing

Throat chakra is vital in personal, emotional expression, speaking your truth, being creative. This is the gate of spiritual ascension, a portal from 3D to 5D. Emotional and mental challenges of this area:

- Suppressed emotions

- Addictions

- Fears

- Panic attacks

- Blocked creativity

- Trust issues

- Untold truth

- Blocked spirituality

- Anxiety

- Aggressivity

- Arguing/fighting

- Being emotionally abused

- Prolonged stress

- PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

What physical symptoms you might feel when throat chakra is unbalanced:

- Sore throat

- Ear and eye infections/sensitivities

- Dizziness

- Headache

- Hoarse voice

- Thyroid issues

- Neck/upper back stiffness

- Locked shoulders, joint problems

- Jaw clenching

- Tooth problems

- Ringing in ears

- Chronic fatigue

Positive affirmation:

“I speak my truth and expect the truth. I communicate clearly. I am heard.”

In 1-on-1 Sound Therapy we are going through the life in chronological order from gestation to the present moment in the bioenergetic field around body and wherever in a certain age a dense frequency is coming up we discuss the feelings connected to it and release the emotional trauma or heaviness.

Clients confirm lightness and more alignment in their life as well as a profound change in their reactions, patterns and approach to situations. These indicate a higher vibrational way of living, mental and emotional balance and healthier physical body.

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