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Healing Children with Sound Therapy

The future generation of high vibe, conscious beings… I’m lucky to have lots of kids in my practise- from as young age as a small infant before birth till teenage years. I love their adaptability, quick healing and deep trust and faith in frequencies and vibrations.

Healing Children with Tuning Forks on body and in energy field

I’ve never seen a single child who was not mezmerised by tuning forks, singing bowls and gongs. They are always so interested in learning to use them. I’m grateful for all parents who allow their kids to heal by the help of Sound Therapy from anxiety, bed-wetting, birth traumas, nightmares, school performance pressures, social challenges, eating disorders, anger issues, hormonal changes and so much more.

These “new” children are born with high consciousness level, which might cause them being more sensitive, need more calmness and peace; and might struggle to fit in to average school and social expectations.

It’s not their fault, the system need to change to adapt to these new souls’ needs. Until then we need to help them to heal, recover and gain strength - in which Sound Therapy is an amazing modality, either in distance healing sessions or in person, where we work together with the parents to help together to their children.

Feel free to reach out if your child needs help.

Until then, just love them, hug them, make them feel safe and secure; and enjoy being a parent.

High vibes,


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