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Ego Death - a stage of healing

After a couple of weeks of sound therapy my client started to feel healthier, better and happier than before - we were healing emotional traumas, releasing old patterns, ancestor healing, and so much more - the physical, mental and emotional layers were healing.


Then suddenly the dark wall of ego came in the way… this part of the journey of awakening is the most challenging as it causes breakdown of the ego.

In the healing process of body, mind, heart and soul we are stepping into a higher level of consciousness and we take the lead back from our ego - not letting it control our lives anymore. That can feel like complete loss of self, everything that the person knew about themselves and what was important in their life.

At this stage ego tries a defense mechanism by creating fear, feelings of being lost and lonely. But deep down in our heart/soul we need that to rebuild; changes need to be made to ascend and be happier. So we make this breakthrough of our own reflection and follow our divine path with intuition and guidance of our heart.

You are capable of doing this by yourself too, but can be more challenging and time consuming. With Sound Therapy I help people go through these stages of consciousness, help them to let go of blaming others, being angry for Divine for their suffer or stuckness and bring the focus back within to find their new self on the other side of the dark tunnel. The longer people keep themselves in their own cage the harder the realisation of their own reflection is going to be, but this is a process that I’m grateful to be able to help in, so more and more people are stepping into their soul’s purpose and consciousness.

“Eva, I hate you” was kind of a Friday eve "compliment" for me as it showed me how deep my client stepped into her own power after decades of being pressed down. What a great transformation! And yes, she is continuing on this healing journey with me - as she obviously wants to put more meaning into her life, and she likes me too :)

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